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Welcome to The Private Practice Law Group LLC and our sister company Push Pull Consulting. We are a business, real estate, and food law firm that has a unique blend of law and business consulting. If you are looking for a “button up” type of Attorney, then we are not the firm for you. Our attorneys are smart as hell, creative, high energy, spirited, and simply great to be around.  This firm is inspired by Entrepreneurs because we understand you the most.  We do not speak in lawyer code, but instead, you get a relatable staff of Entrepreneur Attorneys that know about being in business because we have multiple businesses of our own. Our blend of legal and non-legal services is designed to give you the best option to meet your growth needs. Most Entrepreneurs and business owners mistakenly believe that they need legal help; when they actually need business advice.  Let us help you figure out your needs. Take a look at what we do and schedule your consultation today.  Our legal services include real estate, business, and food/restaurant law. Our non-legal business services, under Push Pull, include business consulting, strategic development, marketing, branding, brokerage, and finance sourcing.  We pride ourselves on being an “outside the box” law firm, in that we provide counsel to clients who push the envelope creatively while protecting their company, concepts, and ideas.

What we offer


The Private Practice Law Group provides legal guidance and representation in the areas of:

Real Estate

  • Acquisitions, sales, and transfers of real property
  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Protection of rights and interests in real estate
  • Creation of real estate documents
  • Real estate contract review and drafting
  • Settlement document review
  • Real estate contract review and drafting

Food/Restaurant Law

  • Assist with food product development
  • Broker food products into markets
  • Site selection for new concepts
  • Evaluate restaurant ideas and concepts
  • Consult on food hall projects
  • Review employee retention policies
  • Develop employee handbooks

Business Law

  • Business formation
  • Reorganization and restructure
  • Sale of assets and shares
  • Succession planning 
  • Employee and independent contractor relationships
  • Trade name and trademark
  • Partnership, Joint Venture and Shareholder agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Non-compete and  Non-disclosure agreements
  • Draft and review contracts
  • Regulatory and compliance matters
  • Review/incorporate hiring practices
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Business franchise development
  • Employee handbooks

  • Develop corporate practice

  • Strategic redirection

Push Pull Business Consulting

  • Review health of the company
  • Refine business plans
  • Marketing and branding
  • Website development
  • Identify sources of capital
  • Develop strategies to support growth and profitability 
  • Business turnaround strategies
  • General business solutions
  • Serve as Business Mentor
  • Act as Quasi-business partner
  • Expand business ideas
  • Assist with new contracts
  • Provide leadership and employee training
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